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Process Flow Diagram Kanban - One of charts that give you a quick overview of what’s happening in a project or product work is Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD). On one hand in CFD you can find typical information about status of work: how much work is done, ongoing and in backlog, what is the pace of progress, etc.. This book, Disciplined Agile Delivery: A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise describes the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process decision framework.. This is my first attempt at creating a decision diagram for determining if a project should use an Agile Methodology like Scrum or a Traditional Waterfall approach..

Kanban (Mandarin Chinese 看板, Kànbǎn, "dashboard") is a lean method to manage and improve work across human systems. This approach aims to manage work by balancing demands with available capacity, and by improving the handling of system-level bottlenecks.. Kanban Cards. These are usually simple cards or sheets of paper that are attached to a batch of material. Usually there are just two or three cards for each product in the system although there may be more if you have to handle larger batches of if the product size itself is large.. Article What is a Kanban Board? A kanban board is a physical or digital project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency(or flow)..

Kanban for Scrum Team. Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban are lean and agile methods, based on pull scheduling approach and the concept of self-organizing teams.. User interface-flow diagrams are typically used for one of two purposes. First, they are used to model the interactions that users have with your software, as defined in a single use case.. This article is an introduction to the Kanban aspects of Lean software development.

K anban is a system that controls flow of work through a multi-stage process. The classical version of kanban, as developed at Toyota, is normally used for repetitive production..

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